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GCH Bearly STORM-E Thunder 2*M


Linear Appraisal:

04-03: FS-88 VEEV


Milk Records:

(Not yet available)


Show records


9-02: Grand Champion Senior Doe, Best Doe in Show, VA State Fair Youth Show.


9-03: Grand Champion Senior Doe, Best Doe in Show, VA State Fair Youth Show.


6-03: Reserve Champion Senior Doe, VA State Fair.


8-04: Grand Champion Senior Doe, WV State Fair.


Sire: Turning-Point NFF Solar Storm

SS: Nodaway Fantasy's Forecaster

SD: Silver Hill Max Sunspot

Dam: GCH Skylines El Nino 1*M

DS: Sansotrms Superstar

DD: Pinetree-Hill TR Tempest


DOB: March 23, 2000

Color: Chamiosee w/ white trim

Registration #: A181155024


Thunder is the second Alpine to come here to Pemberley and will be one of the foundations of my breeding program.  She is a very large, powerful doe with great body capacity a and will to milk- she usually peaks around 18 lbs.  I would like to see her have a little more extension of the fore udder.

Thunder earned her "GCH" title while she was a part of the Bearly herd.  Congratulations Ben, for breeding such a wonderful doe and finishing her against the stiff Alpine competition of the east coast... and thanks for letting her come here!

We sadly lost Thunder due to a freak accident in August of 2009.  The doe I will always call my first Alpine, she will be sorely missed.



Pictured unclipped at six years of age with five freshenings.

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