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Honeypatch Shelea

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8-13-03: Reserve GCH Sr., Nokesville Trailer Show.


Sire: Enchanted Hill Freckles

SS: Goodwood Merlin *S

SD: Enchanted Hill Joan Baez

Dam: Enchanted Hill Mimi

DS: Goodwood Merlin *S

DD: Enchanted Hill Willowmena


DOB: January 26, 1998

Color: Broken black and red buckskin

Registration #: D-9509


I love this old lady.  Shelea is my sweetheart in the pasture and will always have a place here in the herd.  She has very good general appearance and dairy charater -- soft and pliable skin and  wide, open ribbing.  She is one of my best producers and my easiest doe to milk, however I would like to see a stronger MSL.  Two of the traits I admire of Shelea and her offspring are their strong, short pasturens and their beautiful smoothness of blending.


We lost Shelea just before Thanksgiving '08.  It was a very sad day for everyone here.  We are comforted knowing she lived a good life and will live on in her progeny here at Pemberley.



Pictured at age four with three freshenings.

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