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Pemberley Acres Animals for Sale



Scroll down or use the following "bookmark" links to view any animals we might have for sale.  And please, contact me with any questions you have!


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Not breeding stock for sale at this time.


Contact me for more information.




Kids will be added here as soon as I'm sure they're available, but if you see something you like on the "Kids" page then please email me.


Contact me for more information.




Because not every buck born is meant to be a herdsire, we usually have some adorable castrated bucklings for sale.  Wethers make great pets and are very precocious and affectionate. Wethers are priced at $100 each.  If do not currently have any available, we will put your name down for one from our next kidding season!

We occasionally have a couple of pet quality does that would make excellent companion animals or family milkers.  Please contact me for information.





Terms of Sale


We guarantee all stock sold to be reproductively sound and free of disqualifying faults at the time of sale.  We also guarantee any animal sold to be healthy and CAE free at the time of sale.  However, after an animal leaves our farm or possession we feel that we can no longer be responsible for any kid or adult sold.  Animals that are tested CAE negative before or at the time of sale, but later test positive will not replaced.


I reserve the right to retain any kid in our herd.  At this time I don't require a monetary deposit on pre-ordered kids.  You may put your name down for a kid out of the breeding of your choice.  Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.  We recommend you also pick a second choice in the event that a kid from your first choice pairing is unavailable.


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