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Sire:  One*Oak*Hill Glorius Savoy

SS: +*B Topsy-Does GM Glorious

SD: One*Oak*Hill Sedric Silhlvana EX92 (EEEE)

Dam: GCH 2*M Bearly STORM-E Thunder VG88 (VEEV)

DS: Turning-Point NFF Solar Storm

DD: GCH 1*M Skylines El Nino EX90 (VEEE)


DOB: March 2008

Color: Two-tone chamiosee

Registration #: AA1451171 (American)


Primrose has taken a while to grow up, but she's been well worth the wait! Though a different color, she is the spitting image of her dam, GCH Thunder.


Her udder is quite well attached, shapely, and very productive. We are really happy with this doe.  Her daughter, Patsy, is a real looker too.



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