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Buttin'Heads Bryen's Song 4*D



Linear Appraisal:

Not yet appraised


Milk Records:

1-01: 210, 360, 25, 18

1-11: 293, 800, 54, 37

2-11: 245, 730, 50, 33.

1DT~ 4.04, 147 DIM, 3.9 lbs., & 7.4% BF.


Show records

2005: 2 x 1st


10-22-05: Champion Dry Doe, NC State Fair.


10-21-05: Reserve GCH Dry Doe, NC State Fair.


7-23-01: Reserve GCH Sr., New River Valley Fair.


6-15-01: Reserve GCH Sr., SMDG 23rd Spring Show.


Sire: Buttin'Heads Swhiz on Rye +*S

SS: Heartwood Whiz Kid +S

SD: Buttin'Heads Whole'Wheat Toast

Dam: ARMCH Buttin'Heads Maple Seedling 3*D

DS: Hayseed Farms Fire Chief

DD: ARMCH Buttin'Head Camisole' 2*D


DOB: March 11, 1998

Color: Chocolate with slight roaning at ears

Registration #: D-


We sadly lost 'Piccolo' the fall of 2006.  Unfortunately she left Pemberley without presenting me with a doe to carry on her liniage.  However, I want to keep her here in the reference section in memory of the special place she made for her self while at Pemberley.


 Piccolo was an extremely dairy doe with thin, pliable skin wide open ribbing. I also love her depth of body, lean neck, and head. Her udder had very soft texture, well placed teats, proper MSL, a well extended for udder, and was nicely shaped.


 Piccolo was a very productive doe in her lifetime delivering 22 kids in eight pregnancies, earning here milk star while on the DHIA milk test, and won the honor of highest scoring Nigerian doe in a one day milk test in 2002.  He prodgeny includes two CH daughters, CH Buttin'Heads Harpseachord, and CH Buttin'Heads Zipther




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