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Sire:  Doe-sy-Doe AP Sandstorm

SS: Doe-sy-Doe TA Appomattox

SD: Doe-sy-Doe FS Scarlet Rose

Dam: MCH Sides Marta VG

DS: High Acres Halftone +S

DD: Sides Dolley Madison


DOB: June, 2010

Color: Gold and white

Registration #: D-56208

Height: Not yet measured


Muireall is our 2010 Marta keeper and she's turned out really well.  Given Marta's advancing age we are happy to have Muireall here.  Linebred on Rosasharn genetics.  A Gaelic name, "Muireall" means "sea-bright."


Muireall is very much her mother's daughter.  She is smoothly blended with good feet and legs, long body and graceful neck.  Her udder is even nicer than her mothers, showing the same great strengths in attachments with improved medial suspensory ligament, teat size, fore udder extension and attachment. We would like to see a little more levelness across her rump from hips to pins.


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