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MCH Sides Marta VG



Linear Appraisal & Classification:

(C) 3-06: 89.0, VG


Milk Records:

1DT~ 4.02, 27 DIM, 2.6 lbs., 5.8% BF, & 3.8 Pro.


Show records


3 x Grand Champion, 8 x Reserve Champion, 2 x Best Udder, 1 x Best Udder in Show.


10-21-05: Grand Champion Sr. Doe, NC State Fair, Jean Lucas.


10-22-06: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, NC State Fair.


2007 AGS Nationals, 2nd Place 4-year-old.


7-31-07: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, Dixie Double.


9-28-07: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe & Best Udder, VA State Fair Dairy Goat Show, Will Pierson.


9-30-07: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, VA State Fair Youth Dairy Goat Show, Will Pierson.


10-13-07: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, The Fall Fuzzy Show.


5-10-08: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, Appalachian Spring Fling Ring 2.


7-19-08: Grand Champion Sr. Doe, Best Udder of Breed, Best Udder in Show, The Madison County Fair Youth Goat Show, Keith Harrell.


5-30-09: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, VSDGA Show Ring 1.


5-30-09: Reserve Champion Sr. Doe, VSDGA Show Ring 2.


6-25-11: Grand Champion Sr. Doe, VA Heritage Goat Festival Ring 2, Ed Kinser.


Sire: High Acres Halftone's Neapoitan +*S

SS: MCH Hayseed Farm MM Halftone *S

SD: Rosasharn's Tina 2*D

(Twin to 2005 Nat'l Champ., ARMCH Eclipse.)

Dam: Sides Dolley Madison

DS: Enchanted Hill O'Leary +S

DD: Honeypatch Shelea


DOB: April 19, 2003

Color: Abbreviated cou blanc

Height: 21 1/16" (Official measurement 10/22/06)

Registration #: D-23730 (AGS)


Marta is my personal favorite. She is a stylish doe who excels in front end assembly, smoothness of blending, and overall balance.  Her udder is very well attached, very side and high in the rear, smooth in the fore, and has a lovely medial.  I would like to see her a little more level over the lion and more level from hips to pins.

Marta is my first home bred doe to ever win a rosette! She's now done it 10 times and was classified 89.0 VG.

6/27/11: Marta has finally done it!  Seven years after winning her first leg at the North Carolina State Fair and eight reserve champion wins later, Marta has finally captured that elusive third championship leg.

At eight-years-young, Marta has eight freshenings to her credit and still looks like a four-year-old.  Her udder attachments have held beautifully and she still stands on strong pasterns.  Her longevity, strengths in general appearance and mammary make her a highly valued member of our breeding program.


Pictured as a eight year old eighth freshener.


Pictured as a seven year old seventh freshener.


Pictured as a six year old sixth freshener.

Pictured as a five year old fifth freshener.


Pictured as a five year old fifth freshener.

Pictured as a four year old fourth freshener.

Pictured as a three year old third freshener.


Pictured as a two year old second freshener.

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